Ready-made or tailor made company

registration and transfer to new owner(s)

Service includes

  1. Basic consulting and preparing the paperwork
  2. Creation of a company
  3. Composing general meeting minutes for changing registry data (management board members)
  4. Transfer of the company shares certified by the local notary office
  5. Change of company management board
  6. Change of other registry data, like company address or e-mail address
  7. Registration with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for lodging tax returns via the electronic e-Tax Board channel.

Related costs paid by KRM Advisor

  1. State fee by the registration 190 EUR
  2. State fee by the registration changes 20 EUR
  3. Notarial fee for the share transfer 60 EUR
  4. Notarial fee for the registry amendments 45 EUR

Total ca 315 EUR


As a result, new owner(s) and magament board member(s) are filed in register. The client will receive the extract (pdf) from Commercial Register where he can see new owners and management board members besides other registry information. 

See Estonian Company Registry documents.

Company price and package price

The price indicated for the ready-made or tailor made company is valid only if the company is bought in the basic service package with virtual office and bank related services. In case you want to buy the company without some or any of these services, please ask for a price quote.

Many of ready-made companies prices may be different from the company price indicated in pricelist. Names and prices of ready-made companies can be found here: LINK