How to get VAT ID for an Estonian company

General requirements

If company sales in EU exceeds 16 000 EUR then company must apply for VAT ID.

In case you want to apply VAT ID before you have started business or 16 000 EUR limit is exceeded you must present sufficient evidence that your business is or will be real. Usually argument that you need VAT ID for business is not considered as sufficient argument.

It is important to know that VAT ID is not granted always automatically and further investigation might be held by tax authorities.

Authorities will make a decision usually in 1 week.

VAT ID registration process

To avoid necessity of answering tens of questions and/or personal visit to tax authorities one must present sufficient evidence proving reality of your business or at least realistic intentions for business.

In case some business transactions are already done then corresponding invoices / offers / proforma invoices / contracts / banks statements is good to present.

In case no business transactions done - offers, intention letters, contracts, clients or vendors list, or even e-mail confirmation from some partner(s) is good support. 

Also short description of your business and web page address (if there is one) will support you VAT registration process.

It is also important to know that documents which show your sales (intentions) support you better than purchase documents because VAT ID is more related to sales of the company.

Please also note that as a rule VAT ID is not granted if you buy goods from certain other country and sell them in the same country. In that case you need to apply for VAT ID in that country.

VAT ID registration services

KRM Advisor can guide you in VAT registration process so that you highly probably will get positive result without additional bureaucracy - in case you sufficiently co-operate.