Registered address and virtual office services

Official requirements

To register company in Estonia it is required that each company has Estonian (legal) registered address.

Person competent to receive procedural documents

In case less than 50% of the management board members of the Estonian company reside in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein - it is also required to register local "person competent to receive procedural documents", which can be any Estonian resident company or private person.

Receiving official notes

From time to time officials might send official notes to the company e-mail address or physical address. Usually official claims and notifications are sent to company legal address and it is important for the company management board/beneficiary owners to be informed in time.

KRM Advisor virtual office services

  • Unique legal address
  • Physical mailbox
  • Digital mail forwarding (up to a reasonable amount)
  • Short consulting (phone/e-mail)
  • Technical e-mail address for registry
  • KRM Advisor acts as a person competent to receive procedural documents (required if less than 50% of the management board members reside in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein).
  • Readyness for after services

Service conditions

Service period - normally 1 year

Payment conditions - advance payment


As a rule most of our clients who use virtual office services have started their company with us as well. In this case we are more prepared to give you further assistance and can usually easily help you to solve different matters like:

  1. represent the company in Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  2. represent the company with telecommunication companies
  3. represent the company in questions related to use of Swedbank services

It means that with most of your typical problems you do not need to visit Estonia. You can just send us an e-mail to authorize us to arrange the matters you need.