Accounting services for an Estonian company

Monthly bases accounting

If your company has VAT ID then company tax returns must be lodged on monthly bases. It applies even if no transactions done.

Each month 10th company must declare and pay taxes related to income and social security taxes (based on previous month payments).

Each month 20th company must declare and pay VAT returns (based on previous month VAT related transactions).

If company has had business transactions with other EU companies (with VAT ID) then corresponding VIES declarations and Intrastat declarations must be submitted as well.

Yearly bases accounting

If company has no VAT ID and it does not pay taxable costs (salaries, dividends, fringe benefit costs etc) then there is no direct need for accounting more than once per year.

It means that after the end of the company fiscal year it must submit annual report to Estonian Tax and Customs board latest 6 month after end if the fiscal year.

However, in case company has many business transactions it might be reasonable ta take care of company accounting several times per year.


Use of the online accounting system

In case you are issuing more than just a few sales invoices per year we suggest to use online accounting services. This saves your time and helps you to organize accounting documents and data.