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Corporate IBAN account for online payments

with payment cards and integrated merchant account

Additional services

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There is a new trend in the world related to payment services, which is just one part of banking services. According to this instead of wrestling with banking KYC (Know Your Client) bureaucracy it is reasonable to open account with payment service provider (PSP), which often offers the same services as banks do, except they do not offer credit, which many businesses do not need anyway.

As a sample PayPal is payment services provider. However they do not offer many services our corporate clients need.

We are opening PSP accounts where you have:

  1. Unique IBAN account number dedicated to your company
  2. Multicurrency accounts
  3. SEPA and SWIFT incoming and outgoing payments from and to virtually anybody
  4. Company payment cards (also contactless)
  5. Merchant account with reasonable fees which is easy to link to your webshop

Usually it takes just few days to open this account and there is no need for face to face meeting. For some of our read-made companies we have already opened account with PSP. This allows you to start the business and collect payments almost immediately.

By transferring the company to new owner as a rule the KYC related to new beneficiary owner (BO) goes smoothly and does not block the account operations.

It is often reasonable to start your business with PSP account and then open the bank account when needed.

- Virtual office services

Unique address only for your company with mail forwarding service

- Opening Corporate IBAN account for online payments

An account with a payment service provider (takes usually few days - read more from right side->)

- Opening of a corporate bank account

We evaluate possibilities and assist you to open bank account - it takes usually few weeks

- VAT ID registration

Professionally prepared VAT ID registration documents help you to avoid the delay of receiving the VAT ID and discussions with tax authorities. We take care of required paperwork. It takes usually few days.

- Setting up the online accounting system (done in 1 day)

The online solution saves you time and money even when monthly tax returns are not required.

- Authorized contact person - required if non Estonian director(s)

- Director and/or nominee services

- Certified company documents in English