Multi-currency bank account in Swedbank

  • Internet banking in English, Russian, Estonian
  • Multi-currency
  • Initial limits day/month: 20 000/100 000 EUR
  • High secure level with pin-calculator
  • Online currency exchange
  • Online domestic and international transfers
  • Low fees
    • transfer fee intra Swedbank 0,16 EUR
    • IBAN transfer fee Estonia and EU 0,38 EUR
    • non SEPA payments 5,75 EUR
  • Monthly fee of a MasterCard: 0,96 EUR/month
  • MasterCard Business debit (prepaid) limits
    • Purchases: max 6500 EUR/day
    • Cash withdrawal: usually 640 EUR/day
    • ATM payments: usually 640 EUR/day


At the bank company’s KYC (Know Your Client) form must be filled. The bank will conduct a background check for a UBO (Ultimate Beneficiary Owner). The bank is foremost interested in whether your company has or will in the near future develop commercial activity in Estonia. If the company does not have or is not planning commercial activity in Estonia, the bank may refuse to activate your company bank account.

In case your application is refused then we can open bank account in another bank where initial paperwork requirements are higher but if paperwork done correctly then positive answer is highly probable.