Opening a bank account for an Estonian company

outside of Estonia (in the EU)

There are many banks in the EU who are ready to serve Estonian companies. As a rule, if one bank does not give a positive answer, then we try with another bank. In most cases a positive answer is received. However,  there is no guarantee, as it also depends on what business you do, how you do it and who are the related persons. 


Please note that opening a bank account for cryptocurrency related companies is more complicated and needs different handling. Requirements below do not cover cryptocurrency companies.

Currently we open bank accounts only for companies who are registered by or through us.

Required documents

1. About the Estonian company

  1. Translated, notarized and apostilled AoA
  2. Translated, notarized and apostilled registry card
  3. Translated, notarized and apostilled TIN certificate
  4. Information sheet that will be filled in by KRM lawyer based on information provided by the client

All of the above mentioned documents with necessary certifications and translations will be provided by KRM Advisor.

2. About UBO(s), board member(s) and shareholders(s):

  1. Apostilled and notarized passport copy
  2. Utility bill

3. About corporate shareholder(s) of Estonian company

(if there is any)

  1. Notarized and apostilled AoA
  2. Notarized and apostilled registry card

This usually depends on the jurisdiction of the shareholding company

*All of the above mentioned documents can not be older than 2 months.

Account opening takes approximately 2 weeks after all of the documents have been collected and the application submitted. If additional information is required, it takes more time.
If the bank requires additional information, we will inform the client accordingly and provide the information on the client’s behalf.