Payment service provider account - Option I (PS)

with e-commerce facilities

Opening and activating account takes usually 1-3 days


General features



under name of the payment service provider


Your own IBAN account

SEPA payments under your company name

SWIFT/BIC payments

e-commerce / collecting card payments

Account related fees

Opening or closing an account

Account administration

Account administration in case account is not used 2 years



5 EUR/month

Transfer fees

EUR standard (SEPA) payment


USD (urgent payments)

Other currencies

0,15 EUR


15 EUR

usually max 7 or 13 EUR

Payment cards related fees

Card issuance for business

Card activation (via Internet)

Monthly fee of the first card

Second (and following cards) card monthly fee (linked to the same account)

Cancellation of card or ordered order

Paying in shops in EU countries, in euros

Paying in shops in EU countries, in other currencies

Paying in shops outside EU, in other currencies

Cancelling payment due to payer's fault

Cash withdrawal in EU states, in euros

Cash withdrawal in EU states, in other currencies

Cash withdrawal not in EU states, in all currencies

Checking balance

10 EUR


0,45 EUR




0,10 EUR + 0,7 %*

0,10 EUR + 1,2 %*

10 EUR


1,00 EUR + 2,00 %*

1,50 EUR + 2,00 %*

0,30 EUR

Payment card limits and change conditions

Maximum operation sum paying for goods/services

Maximum daily sum for cash withdrawal

10 000 EUR

600 EUR

  • Card validity term is 4 years.
  • When the validity expires, a new card is ordered automatically if at least one operation with the card has been performed during the last three months.
  • The issuer of the Card - Contis Financial Services LTD registered at Navigation House, Belmont Wharf, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1RL, England, legal person code 06085862, authorized by the Office of Financial Management to issue electronic money (registration number 900025).

Fees for collection of payments with payment cards

Service activation fee  
(available currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, RUB)

Commission fee for collection of payments with a payment card
Reservation of each payment: 100% - 3 days, 5% - 3 months. Other terms and percentage of payment reservation are also possible (depends on the project type).

Fee for refund of money at a request of the client


Fee for refund of money at a request of the bank (chargeback)


1,7 % (for cards issued in the EU) and 2,3 % (for cards issued outside of the EU) from a payment

0,00 EUR, if the refund is performed till 12 AM, 0,50 EUR, if the refund is performed after 12 AM

30,00 EUR