Company in Estonia

Estonian company registration prices



Company registration and transfer

Ready made company, clean and empty - prices starting from

850 EUR

Company by your order

850 EUR

Non-profit organisation by your order

850 EUR

Branch office of a foreign company (price indicative)

1200 EUR

Above prices include all reasonable registration and notary fees with one owner and management board member - no hidden costs. Some of additional services below might be needed as well.


Opening corporate account

Assistance with opening an IBAN account with PSP

300 EUR

Assistance with opening an account in a Latvian bank

500 EUR

800 EUR

Assistance with opening a bank account outside of the EU

With bank account opening additional fees 50 - 500 EUR from bank might apply.
With PSP account no additional fees.


Additional services

Changing name of the ready made company

200 EUR

Assistance with obtaining e-residency card

250 EUR


Remote services (transfer company without visiting Estonia)

Transfer of the company share remotely (per person)

200 EUR

Transfer of the company management board member (per person)

Remote services fee is additional to regular fees, which applies when person visits Estonia

250 EUR


Accounting services

ˇDormant company annual report

200 EUR

Dormant company (no VAT ID) monthly costs


Dormant company (with VAT ID) monthly tax returns

60 EUR

Monthly accounting costs - active company with VAT ID
(usual cost if monthly service required)

100 - 200 EUR

Yearly accounting costs - active company without VAT ID
(usual cost if service provided yearly basis)

300 - 800 EUR

Annual report for active company with VAT ID

300 - 800 EUR

Exact annual report price we can give after clients provide us accounting documents. Based on these documents we give price offer. When accepted we do the job.

Monthly accounting costs (in case your company has VAT ID) are easier to predict - with fewer documents monthly cost is close to 100 EUR. More documents and job - more costs.


Official corporate documents

Company registration documents in English, apostilled
registry card and articles of association

380 EUR

Tax residency certificate (eng, rus - apostilled)

130 EUR

Company registry card without shareholders names (eng apostilled)

130 EUR

Company registry card with shareholders names (eng, apostilled)

130 EUR

Articles of association (statutes) (eng, apostilled)

250 EUR

Share sales-purchase agreement (eng apostilled)

350 EUR

Documents by ordinary mail

Documents by courier/handling  (Europe)

Documents by courier/handling  (outside Europe)


100 EUR

150 EUR


Management and nominee services

Representing your company based on procura

300 EUR/year

Additional job in case of procura or director services

100 EUR/hour

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