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Estonian company registration costs

I. Registration   |   II. Domiciliation   |   III. Account opening   |   IV. VAT ID  |   V. Remote services   |   VI. Additional persons   |   VII. Corporate documents

no hidden fees




Company registration and transfer

Company by order or ready made company

Or see prices on the list of ready made companies

850 EUR

Above price includes all reasonable registration and notary fees with one owner and
management board member - no hidden costs. As a rule you need some services mentioned below, at least Domiciliation services which are mandatory



Domiciliation and office services

Unique registration address and authorised contact person

500 EUR/y

Local presence services

Services below are optional and help to create local presence,
which is often required by banks, tax authorities outside Estonia or other institutions.

Rent of real office working space

300 EUR/m

Rent of separate office room (2 working spaces)

600 EUR/m

Rent of separate office room (3 working spaces)

900 EUR/m

Flexible office rent is offered by Eterna Offices: LINK registration for 5 years

250 EUR based email server setup first year (incl. server fee and 1 email address)

250 EUR

Estonian country based (mobile) phone number registration and SIM card delivery by post

250 EUR

Basic professional webpage design and setup

Additional related costs might apply (webpage cost etc)

800 EUR

Management services as second director of your company

hourly fee applies for significant additional job if there is any

2500 EUR/y



Opening a corporate account

Every company we create has start-up account, where we pay in the share capital (min 2500 EUR). After the company is registered we close the start-up account, as banks do not allow to activate it without strong connections to Estonia.

In case you do not have a direct connection to Estonia (clients, vendors, employees etc.) it is likely that local banks will not open an account for your company. However, as Estonian companies are allowed to have foreign bank accounts, we suggest to choose either a Payment Service Provider (PSP) or a bank outside of Estonia for your business.

Often the easiest way is to use your local bank which is already familiar with you, as the process might then be relatively simple, quick and low cost for you.

Preliminary analyses for account opening

250 EUR

1. Initial info about opening an IBAN account with PSP

  • Excellent solution for SEPA payments.


  • Remote account opening. 

  • Takes few days or more depending of service provider.

  • Several options to choose.

free for our clients

2. Assistance with opening bank account in Estonia

At least one face to face meeting is required. Takes approx. 2-4 weeks. Currently the bank does not support USD payments. Only companies with certain activities (i.e. IT companies) are suggested to apply. Additional fee of 50 EUR for a PIN calculator might apply.

Currently the success rate is very low.

400 EUR

3. Bank account outside of Estonia (EU or outside)

Possible to open a corporate bank account remotely.

starting from 2500 EUR

4. Bank account for cryptocurrency companies

Above mentioned account opening options do not cover cryptocurrency companies. For companies with financial activities, the process is more complicated and costly. It is heavily dependant on the white paper and related persons.

ask for a quote after you have obtained the license(s)



Remote services
(transfer company and amendments without visiting Estonia)

Please skip this section if you will visit Estonia to start/take over the company

Remote services (incl POA + official translation, price per person)

250 EUR

Readyness for remote services (POA signed by the client in Estonia)

100 EUR

Remote services fee is additional to regular fees, which applies when the connected people do not visit Estonia

Read why to issue POA to KRM Agent: LINK



Additional shareholders or board members

Please skip this section if you start your company alone and there is no foreign corporate shareholder



Official corporate documents and delivery

Please skip this section if you do not need certified physical documents of your company.

Company registry card with or without shareholders names (eng, apostilled)

130 EUR

Articles of association (statutes) (eng, apostilled)

250 EUR

Company’s UBOs list (eng, apostilled)

130 EUR

Documents by ordinary mail

Documents by courier/handling  (Europe)

Documents by courier/handling  (outside Europe)


100 EUR

150 EUR

For everyday business just digital (PDF) documents are sufficient.
In case required - choose physical documents from above.