Basic facts about Estonian company

  1. 100% foreign ownership and directorship allowed
  2. Minimum share capital 2500 EUR (no need to deposit it into bank account)
  3. Company transfer in 1 day (ready-made company)
  4. Minimum 1 shareholder and 1 director (can be any person 18 year and older)
  5. 0% corporate income tax on undistributed profit
  6. 20% corporate income tax only upon distribution
  7. No withholding tax on profit distribution
  8. Each company we create has multi-currency corporate bank account with internet banking


What data and documents we need to start

  1. The name of the company or a name from the list of ready-made companies
  2. Company main activity
  3. E-mail address of the company
  4. Shareholders/directors passport copies, home addresses and e-mail addresses

Company registration and bank account remotely

You can start company and open bank account remotely, without personally visiting Estonia. For closer details please read: How to open an Estonian company remotely

Why to start Company in Estonia

  • 100% Europe - 0% income tax
  • Excellent framework for business in EU
  • Advanced digital public services
  • Low bureaucracy and clear rules
  • Well-functioning banking system
  • Low startup and maintenance costs
  • No withholding tax if dividends paid
  • Easy exit