Option 2

Tailor-made company

You name your own company

If you want to have a certain name for your company then it takes just 24 hours more to create a ready-made company with your own desired name. This service we call "Tailor-made company"


It also allows to register a business activity indicated by you. However, this activity is not seen on the usual company documents (extract and articles of association)

Otherwise Taylor-made company is the same as Ready-made company.


General about tailor made company

With an Estonian tailor-made company incorporated by KRM Advisor, people can start their own business or establish a new branch of an existing company from anywhere in the world. Estonia is one of the fastest-growing markets in Europe, with no corporate income tax and a high-tech internet banking system. It's only a 3-hour plane ride away from most large European, Scandinavian, and Russian cities.

These custom companies have no inconvenient preexisting history, and they're eligible for all legal activities. To make starting out easier, they have several features and services, including:

  • 2500 EUR paid in share capital
  • a multicurrency bank account
  • an Estonian business address
  • an Estonian e-mail address
  • accounting and tax services
  • translation services
  • VAT ID registration
  • and more

Best of all, you can finish founding your new tailor-made company in less than a week and start using it to do business immediately after signing the required legal documents. Your name will be listed in the company's public register as a shareholder and board member, and you don't have to go all the way to Estonia. With the special trustee and nominee services package, you won't even have to pay taxes or disclose ownership outside Estonia. KRM Advisor can create public limited companies, nonprofits, foundations, and other organisations.