Temporary residence permit for employment


An alien may apply for residence permit for employment with an employer registered in Estonia. In addition to any other legal grounds, a temporary residence permit may be issued to an alien for employment. This is perhaps the most practicable way to get a temporary residence permit to third country nationals.

The immigration quota for the period of 01.01.2017-31.12.2017is full, thus new applications can be submitted starting from December (for the year 2018).

A temporary residence permit is issued with the period of validity of up to 2 years. An alien is required to register his place of residence within one month from the date of arrival into Estonia on the basis of the residence permit. An alien is required to have a place of residence registered in Estonia during the whole period of validity of the residence permit.

An alien may apply for residence permit for employment without the permission of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund but with fulfilling the salary criterion, if an applicant shall settle to work for the purpose to perform managerial or supervisory functions of a legal person registered in Estonia, which is governed by private law, on the following conditions:

  1. The company must have been registered in Estonia at least 5 months, it must have conducted actual business activities in Estonia during the last 5 months and the granting of the residence permit must significantly contribute to achieve the purpose of the granting of residence permit for employment;
  2. Residence permit for the purpose to perform managerial or supervisory functions of a legal person governed by private law may be granted to a member of management board or supervisory board of private limited company, public limited company, foundation and commercial association, member of management board of non-profit association, procurator, liquidator, bankruptcy trustee, auditor, tax auditor, member of audit committee and director of foreign company branch.
  3. Estonian company (employer) is obliged to pay an alien the salary that corresponds at least to a medium gross monthly salary of the employer’s principal activity published last Statistical Office, but not less than multiplication of the medium Estonian yearly salary and coefficient of 1,24. For period 02.03.2017-01.03.2018 this salary is 1146 EUR. Total taxation from that amount is ca 694 EUR (social security and unemployment tax paid by employer - 446 EUR, income and unemployment tax paid by employee - 247 EUR.

By applying for a residence permit fingerprints are captured from applicants and an applicant has to apply in person to the Service Office of a Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board or to foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia.

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