What is included

Basic package

Estonian company registration
Ready made or Tailor made 

  1. Basic advice
  2. Founding and transfer of the company (filing new shareholders, board and other data)
  3. All reasonable state and notary fees to establish and transfer the company
  4. Oral translation of transfer documents (share transfer contract and petition)
  5. Filing changes in the register
  6. New extract (showing new owners, board members and other company data) from register (.pdf). Read more about registry documents and see examples...
  7. Bank account (Swedbank)
  8. Registration with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for lodging tax returns via the electronic e-Tax Board channel.

Upon your request we assist you in all bank compliance formalities, allowing you to smoothly take control of the company bank account and start using the internet banking facilities.

Bank compliance
for company and ebanking users


  • Unique legal address
  • Physical mailbox
  • Digital mail forwarding (up to a reasonable amount)
  • Short consulting (phone/email)
  • Technical e-mail address for registry

Legal address and virtual office services

Additional services

VAT ID registration

We will help you to get a VAT ID for your Estonian company

Remote services

If you can not visit Estonia then we can arrange remotely:

  • share transfer
  • change of board membership
  • internet banking access for the new board members
  • other changes connected with the transfer of the company.

Accounting services

Monthly or yearly accounting and tax returns.

Other services

By request...

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