Estonian company registration - quick view

Guide for Estonian Company Registration

STEP 1 - Select between 3 options:

  1. Ready made company
  2. Tailor made company
  3. Be the founder

STEP 2 - Choose related services you need

  1. Remote services
  2. VAT ID registration
  3. Certified company registry documents
  4. Accounting

Included in the basic package:

  • Legal address and virtual office services 
  • Bank account and compliance

STEP 3 - Contact us

  1. for more information
  2. or to proceed with registration


Duration of registration

STEP 1 - Collecting data and preparing paperwork

It takes just one or a few days to collect all required data for us to prepare the documents

STEP 2 - Transfer of shares, directorship and access to bank account

If all related persons (shareholders and board members) come to Tallinn simultaneously, it takes 3 - 6 hours to fix all formalities by the notary and the bank. Client can start to use the company and it’s bank account immediately.

It is also possible to transfer the company ownership, board membership and internet banking without visiting Estonia. It takes usually 2 - 3 weeks additionally.

STEP 3 - Filing changes in commercial register

Filing changes in the register takes 1 – 7 days. 


What is in icluded in basic package

  1. Basic advice
  2. Founding and transfer of the company (filing new shareholders, board and other data)
  3. All reasonable state and notary fees to establish and transfer the company
  4. Oral translation of transfer documents (share transfer contract and petition)
  5. Bank account, bank compliance and an internet banking agreement (Swedbank)
  6. Legal address and virtual office services 
  7. Registration with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for lodging tax returns via the electronic e-Tax Board channel.
  8. Filing changes in the register
  9. New excerpt (showing new owners, board members and other company data) from register (.pdf).

Read more about registry documents and see examples...

Data we need to proceed with the registration

  • The name of the company or a name from the list of ready-made companies
  • Company main activity
  • E-mail address of the company
  • Shareholders/directors passport copies, home addresses and e-mail addresses


Basic information about Estonian company

  • 100% foreign ownership and directorship allowed
  • Minimum share capital 2500 EUR
  • Company transfer in 1 day (ready-made company)
  • Minimum 1 shareholder and 1 director
  • 0% corporate income tax on undistributed profit
  • 20% corporate income tax only upon distribution
  • No withholding tax on profit distribution
  • Corporate bank account with internet banking

Why to start

  • 100% Europe - 0% income tax
  • Excellent framework for business in EU
  • Advanced digital public services
  • Low bureaucracy and clear rules
  • Well-functioning banking system
  • Low startup and maintenance costs
  • No withholding tax if dividends paid
  • Easy exit


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