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Whatever question you have - there is always human response from qualified expert. We do mot practice self service.
— Argos Kracht

KRM Advisor

Service provider of trust funds and companies. Operating license nr. FIU000140 

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Roosikrantsi 2-KRM, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia


Corporate consulting


Argos Kracht

Business development and innovation
+372 60 77 777

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Rauno Kuber

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Kristine Akopdžanjan.jpg

Kristine Akopdžanjan

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Merle Paju

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Armine Kocharyan

Business consultant
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Kadri Mätlik

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Pille Kobin

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Sandis Altitis

Banking relations advisor
Skype: sandis.altitis

Accounting services

Marin Stroo.jpg

Marin Stroo

Head of Accounting Services
+372 60 900 85

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Age Lepp

+372 60 77 777

Maarika Leesment.jpg

Maarika Leesment

+372 60 77 780

Merike Otsma.jpg

Merike Otsmaa

Accounting manager
+372 64 645 50

Kadri Ellervee.jpg

Kadri Ellervee

+372 60 77 772

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Sirje Lõnsu

+372 60 77 782

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Rahel Talvik

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Vilve Neiland.jpg

Vilve Neiland

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Inna Liivak

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Saron Läänmäe.jpg

Saron Läänmäe

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Tiiu Muska.jpg

Tiiu Muska

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Andra Burmeister

+372 64 645 51

Supporting services


Rea Kauts

Front Office
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Grete Karelsohn

Office Manager
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Kalevi Tamm

Visual Forming
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Our Location


Roosikrantsi 2-KRM, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia
(floor 4th, lift next to the entrance)


- from Tallinn airport - 4km. (Taxi ca 9 EUR)
- from Tallinn sea port - 1,5km. (Taxi ca 5 EUR)

Closest hotels are:

Santa Barbara 30m
Hotel Palace Tallinn 4* - 150m
Raddison Blu 4* - 800m
Swissotel Tallinn 5* - 900m
Savoy Boutique Hotel 5* - 350m - Old Town
Telegraaf Hotel 5* - 600m - Old Town


About Us

Where We Are


Our Mission

Our Mission is to make the favourable Estonian tax and business environment available for entrepreneurs and companies.


Our team has been providing company formation services since 1991. We have created ca 5000 companies and made over 30'000 filings in the Commercial register. 

Ernst & Young Eesti AS (1993), LHV Bank (1999), Viking Line Eesti OÜ (2000), Skype Technologies OÜ (2004) and Swissotel Estonia OÜ (2005) are just some of them. 

We have provided accounting services to more than 300 companies.

How we work

Creating a company starts with defining the business goal. What follows is focused planning of how to structure the business in such a way that it creates more possibilities and less limitations.

Effective solutions are simple

Our approach is based on 27 years of experience – well functioning and long lasting business structures are usually simple. If your intuitive and analytical mind is not satisfied with today’s situation then there is probably a solution. We are here to help you.

Quick action, if required

You need your company tomorrow? You can have it.

Do not waste - choose an economic structure

Economy – energy, directed with less friction. What is friction in business? Overtaxation, bureaucracy, overregulation etc. It is a basic human right to be efficient and opt for less friction. Estonia is the environment where the level of friction in business is low. 

We are focused on creating solutions for You

We have understanding, knowledge and experience of all key elements of setting up a business structure. It allows us to be creative and quick. After you have shared with us your vision about your business, the solution can be ready to use by you in relatively short time.  


with its medieval capital Tallinn is a country located at the heart of the Baltic Sea Region - Europe's fastest-growing market with over 90 million people. Estonia has a population of just 1.3 million but is larger than Denmark or Holland. It is a country characterized by political and economic stability, accessibility, ease and low cost of doing business and investor equality. Estonia is within 3 hours flight from most major European, Scandinavian and Russian cities. Estonia is in the Schengen Area so it has open borders with the rest of Europe.

Since regaining independence in 1991, Estonian business life has largely reoriented from the east to the west. Long before joining the EU, Estonia adapted its legislation and business procedures to conditions in Western Europe. Businesses introduced Western accounting systems, gained Western quality certificates and, most importantly, Western business contacts. People have turned their focus on learning English and other European languages, while still retaining their Russian skills. This massive reorientation in just over 250 years has created a business environment matching Western standards. 

The business culture of a country is obviously also determined by a number of subtle and less tangible aspects. Estonians are known to be quite formal in their business relations, for example, agreed times are kept and payment terms and other contracts are honoured. The entrepreneurial and working spirit is considered to be strong.

Estonia can offer a progressive business environment with an efficient and compatible infrastructure. Estonian e-services, internet banking, mobile communications and internet applications are among the most progressive in the world. Estonians easily accept new technologies, and use them willingly.

KRM Advisor

is located in the centre of Tallinn. 10 minutes from airport and 5 minutes from the sea port.

About Estonia

Estonia has succeeded in creating a favourable and transparent environment for business

  • low and flat taxation (0% corporate income tax)
  • low bureaucracy, clear and simple legislation
  • excellent internet banking
  • internet freedom #1 country in the world (2012)
  • low cost of running a business
  • Estonia is a member of the EU and the Eurozone

About our Team

  • Estonian company registration since 1991
  • Created ca 5000 companies
  • Made over 30'000 filings in the Commercial register
  • Accounting provided for more than 300 companies
  • 18 Advisors, Lawyers, Accountants and assistants


Payment options


Banking data for the service fees

Beneficiary: KRM Advisor
Beneficiary address: Roosikrantsi 2-KRM, 10119, Tallinn
Bank: Swedbank
Bank address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn
IBAN: EE982200221050994097



Banking data for the shares and for the share capital

Beneficiary: KRM Holding Plus
Beneficiary address: Roosikrantsi 2-KRM, 10119, Tallinn
Bank: Swedbank
Bank address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn
IBAN: EE242200221050994071


In case your money is in different currency than EUR we suggest you to use Tranferwise payment which is local payment with minimum fee.
See how it works: Link


Card payments

  • Web based card payment solution is integrated into our invoicing system

  • When visiting our office it is also possible to pay using our physical card terminal.

2.5% card payment fee applies

PayPal payments

  • Web based Paypal payment system is integrated into our invoicing system

4.8% Paypal payment fee applies


Terms and Conditions of the e-store (hereinafter referred to as the Conditions)

Applying for any services from KRM Advisor, it is considered that you have agreed with the Terms and Conditions.

1. The range of terms and validity

1.1 The terms are valid between the private person or company (hereinafter Client) and KRM Advisor OÜ (hereinafter KRM), hereinafter together referred to as the Parties, for the legal relations while purchasing products and services via KRM e-store.

1.2 In addition to the current Conditions, purchasing services via KRM e-store is regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

1.3 The transactions made in the e-store shall be made by a person with full active legal capacity who has attained at least 18 years of age. If the transaction is made by the person who does not comply with the regulations under the Estonian legislation, the person whose bank account or credit card is used will be responsible for the transaction.

2. Prices and payments

2.1 All prices are in Euros (whether published in website price list or in individual communications) and exclusive of Value Added Tax. Information as to VAT liability is available on the request.

2.2 Product or service selected by the Client from the e-store must be prepaid in the full amount. By making the payment, the Client will assure that he/she has fully read and accepted the terms and conditions provided by the service provider of the e-store.

2.3 All taxes, current and future as applicable in Estonia will be borne by the Client.

2.4 If the service is provided partially (beyond the control of KRM), then KRM shall charge the invoice for the work already done, considering the principle of proportionality.

2.5 In addition to the fixed price the Client shall cover to KRM direct costs related to providing services under the current Conditions (incl., but not excluding others: postal and courier charges, fees related to obtaining documents/extracts from official registers, state fees, notary fees, Apostille’ confirmation fees, transport costs, translation costs etc.).

2.6 KRM may request advance payment of all charges and expenses. Where any fees for services or products remain unpaid for more than 10 days, KRM may at its discretion immediately terminate the services, and obtain payment from any assets of the Clients.

2.7 If the transaction made through the internet bank the Client must push the button “back to the vendor” in order to confirm the transaction.

2.8 KRM shall not be obliged to transfer the product until all outstanding fees (including government fees, duties, taxes and other third-party disbursements together with KRM’s transfer or termination fees) have been paid in full.

3. Rights and obligations of Client

3.1 The Client shall acknowledge that by ordering the service, KRM starts providing the service (hereinafter to fulfil the Assignment).

3.2 The Client shall provide to KRM all documents, data and instructions related with the ordered products or services in good faith, full completeness and without unreasonable delay. KRM assumes that all necessary data, documents and instructions are always given in such way.

3.3 The Client confirms that he/she is aware that any delay in providing the needed documents or data may cause the extension of the process.

3.4 The Client is obligated to inform KRM of all the facts and circumstances and their changes that are relevant and needed for providing service. KRM is not liable for the data and documents submitted by the Client, excluding KRM liability before third parties for their completeness, accuracy and validity.

3.5 After the fulfilment of Assignment, the information or opinion nor documents provided by KRM are not subject to completion or correction, related to the amendments of the legislation or repealing of existing legislation, developments in court practise or to any other new circumstance or change of the circumstance.

3.6 The Client shall acknowledge that he/she is fully aware of the risks that may be entailed by electronic submission of information and documents and the Client agrees to exchange information electronically. Documents sent by KRM by e-mail (whether or not containing confidential information) will not be encrypted. It is Client’s responsibility to put in place measures to protect its computers and IT systems against viruses, defects etc.

3.7 If the Client is a juridical person, then it is assumed that the person who has submitted the order has every right to represent the Client. If it turns out that the person did not have right to represent the Client, then the person who submitted the order is responsible for any caused damages.

4. Rights and obligations of KRM

4.1 KRM has a right to receive a fee for providing services and products.

4.2 KRM shall provide services with due care, accurately, applying all of its knowledge, effort and expertise, taking into consideration the best interest of the Client.

4.3 KRM has the right to terminate the order on extraordinary circumstances without following the term of advance notice, if on the basis on given information and documents, there is a suspicion that Client’s activity may be associated with funding money laundering or terrorism and the Client does not eliminate those suspicions (including not submitting documents, information or the origin of the assets).

4.4 KRM expressly disclaims any liability to the Clients and any third parties associated with Client for any damage or loss to any of them arising from the establishment, acquisition or operation of the Entity or the provision of the services by or to the Clients or any other person.

4.5 If KRM doubts that its services will be used to fulfil an illegal purpose, KRM has a right to cancel the contract or order and claim the fee for already purchased services or products.

5. Cancelling the order and refund policy

5.1 Client acknowledges that most products or services are unique and will be produced for Client only and according to this the Client takes full responsibility for the order.

5.2 By ordering a service, the Client acknowledges that KRM starts to fulfil its obligations immediately and the Client will lose the right to withdraw its order and claim for a refund in full amount.

5.3 If the Client wishes to cancel the order and cancelling the order is solely the Client’s decision not related with KRM’s activity, then KRM has a right to issue an invoice for the work already done, considering the principle of proportionality.

5.4 The result of all services is not guaranteed (e.g. opening a bank account or establishment of business licenses). If the necessary work is done by KRM, the service shall be considered to be provided. If the service result is not achieved due to circumstances beyond the control of KRM, then the provided service fee is non-refundable.

6. Confidentiality

6.1 Any information that will be stated during the provision of the services or products are confidential to KRM and to Client.

6.2 All personal information provided while purchasing in the e-store are confidential and are treated by the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

6.3 KRM does not give out personal information to third parties without the consent of the Client.

6.4 The restrictions of use and disclosure of confidential information shall not apply to information covered by the following exceptions: information that is or becomes publicly known, information that KRM is compelled to disclose by law or which disclosure is necessary for the due and timely fulfilment of the order (i.e. disclosure to the notary, bank, court, translator or public authorities). By accepting these terms, the Client gives also its/his/her consent to disclose information and documents relating to fulfilment of Assignment to the other employees of KRM.  

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 The Parties aim to solve all disagreements with the negotiations. In the event the Parties are unable to reach a settlement, the dispute, controversy or claim arising from or in connection with provided services or products shall be settled in the Harju County Court.

7.2 These conditions are governed by Estonian law as a final applicable law.

Privacy Policy

When processing your personal data, we comply with Estonian and European Union legislation.

Data processing is any kind of operation which includes the collection, storage, modification and preservation of data. The processing of personal data requires explicit consent or lawful rights. The prerequisite for the provision of customer services is the customer's consent to the terms of the contract.

We use this data for the purpose for which we collected the data and to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose.

The composition of personal data collected depends on which specific services you are using, what kind of data is needed to provide them, the extent to which data is being transmitted to us for this purpose (e.g., subscription to the service, registration as a user, etc.). When collecting data, we adhere to the principle of collecting as little data as needed, i.e., we only collect data that is necessary for attaining an objective.

KRM Advisor collects data from its clients related to work tasks for the provisions of services: name, date of birth, personal identification code, address, e-mail address.

GDPR protected data:

Basic personal data: full name, home address, personal identification number, document number. Biometric data: face, fingerprints, signature

We collect personal data in the following ways:

  • we receive your data when you order services or goods, sign up as a client, are a user of a service or an e-environment, send us an information inquiry, and in other similar situations;

  • we also receive personal data from other sources (e.g., from official documents what you have sent us), if this is necessary to achieve a purpose.

Compliance with the obligations arising from the law stipulates data processing that we are required to conduct, as we as a service provider/merchant are required to do so by law.

KRM Advisor does not share your personal data with companies, organizations or persons outside KRM Advisor without your consent.

At KRM Advisor, lawyers and accountants process the personal data of clients. Personal data is necessary for the provision of services and, according to the client's request/ services, to present to authorities.

Customers can view/ modify their provided data through KRM Advisor's virtual office application. The data is also archived.

If the customer has any questions regarding the use of his or her personal data, they can contact KRM Advisor by e-mail.

If data processing is necessary for the performance of an obligation arising from law, we in KRM Advisor cannot decide on the collection of such personal data, nor can you.

We will store your personal data until the legal obligation stipulates that we do so.

The company has minimized the possibility of leakage of personal data, and all security measures have been taken into use.