Liquidation of the company


A private limited company is dissolved by resolution of the shareholders. To dissolve a private limited company, the management board must submit to the Commercial Register a request (notarised or electronic form via the company registration portal), the shareholders’ dissolution resolution and the minutes of the general meeting.


The dissolution resolution and submission of application is followed by liquidation, in the course of which it is important to follow a specific series of steps:

  • appointment of liquidators and entry of their names into the Commercial Register;
  • publication of a notice regarding liquidation of a public limited company in the publication „Ametlikud Teadaanded“ and notification of all known creditors;
  • preparation of the final balance sheet of the private limited company and distribution of assets;
  • organizing the accounting of the private limited company being liquidated and payment of taxes.

Liquidation of a private limited company is a fairly time-consuming process that lasts at least six months.

Deleting a private limited company from the Commercial Register

After the private limited company has been liquidated as required, the company management board will have to submit an application (notarised or electronic form via the company registration portal) to the Commercial Register for the deletion of the company from the Commercial Register. This can be done after a minimum of six months of the entry of the dissolution of the private limited company into the Commercial Register and providing notification thereof. A final balance sheet and asset distribution plan must be attached to the request for deletion from the Commercial Register.