Estonian company with the e-residency

Note: if you don't have the e-residency card - it takes 1 - 2 months to have the card.
You can also start a company without e-residency. Read how: Link

Step 1

Decide about services you need

  • Opening an account with a payment service provider (takes usually a week or less)

  • Opening of a bank account (takes usually 3 weeks)

  • VAT ID registration (takes usually week or less)

  • Setting up the online accounting system (done in 1 day)

  • Authorized contact person - required if non EU director(s)

  • Director and/or nominee services

  • Certified company documents in English


Step 2

Send us required data and documents

  1. Company name (your own proposal)

  2. Company e-mail address (can be your personal)

  3. Company activity (just one is required)

  4. Your passport copy and e-residency card copy

  5. Your home address

  6. Your mail address and mobile phone#

  7. Info about additional services you need

When we have this information we can prepare everything so that you can register the company and we can assist you with bank account opening/activating and other matters.

You can send these data by ordinary e-mail or fill in and submit following ordering form:



Step 3

Decide about the payment and pay for the services

  • Wire transfer against invoice

  • PayPal or card payment

Please note that before the company registration our fee must be fully paid (received by us).



Step 4

We help you create the company and pay the state fee

Company registration usually takes 1 day. In case the company name is not accepted it might take a week or more.


Step 5

We work with other service items if there are any.