Company in Estonia


KRM Advisor


Company with contributed share capital

We register all companies with paid in share capital (2500 EUR). Otherwise it is publicly stated “share capital not contributed” and later changing it might be a challenge for you. In addition, it is not allowed to distribute profit until this note is deleted from the register.

Unique registration address

Be unique - avoid your company having the same address with 1000 or more other companies.

Bank account

As a rule, local banks do not open accounts for companies owned by non-residents. We have different options for account opening.


Company formation

- Ready made company from our list
- Company by order with your own name
- Company with e-residency
- Branch office of a foreign company
- Nonprofit organization
Registration process takes 1-7 days. All services are available also remotely (without visiting Estonia).


Corporate documents

- Company registry card
- Articles of association
- Share transfer contract
- Tax residency certificate

We can provide you the documents already translated into English - original or certified with an apostille.

Delivery options:

- Courier
- Ordinary mail
- Pick up from KRM Advisor office


Unique address & contact

- We provide each company with a unique address. Nobody else has the same registration address.
- KRM Advisor will be your authorized contact person to receive official notifications.


Bank account opening

Bank account in Estonia

You can open a bank account in an Estonian bank when you have clients, vendors or employees in Estonia. Otherwise local banks tend to refuse to serve your company.

PSP account

There are many Payment Service Providers who open you account in matter of days. This is the most easiest way to start.

Bank account in the EU

We can assist you in opening an account in some other EU bank.



- Online accounting services
- Monthly basis accounting
- Yearly basis accounting
- Payroll
- Tax returns
- Annual reports


Company liquidation

Liquidation of a private limited company is a fairly time-consuming process that lasts at least six months and requires a local liquidator.

If you do not need your Estonian company any more, we can help you to liquidate it.


Cryptocurrency licenses

Licenses we assist to obtain:
- Providers of a service of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
- Providers of a virtual currency wallet service



- VAT ID registration
- Online accounting and invoicing
- Monthly tax returns


Remote services

Start your company without visiting Estonia

- Remote transfer of company shares
- Remote transfer of board membership

We prepare you a petition and s Power of Attorney (POA) for the company transfer into your name and assist you in the process.

Timeframe for company registration

  1. Exchange of information about required data, services and prices - takes 1 - or few days

  2. Payment arrangements - takes 1-2 days

  3. Company creation by order - takes 1-2 days (0 days in case of a ready-made company)

  4. Transfer of the company in Estonia - takes less than 1 day

  5. Filing changes in the register - takes 1-7 days

In case of remote services, the process is prolonged by 2-3 weeks.

Required data and documents

  1. Company name (your own proposal or from our list)

  2. Company’s e-mail address (can be your personal)

  3. Activity of the company (just one is required)

  4. Name(s), address(es), email address(es) of shareholder(s).

  5. Name(s), address(es), email address(es) of of Management board member(s)

  6. Information about additional services you will be needing


KRM Advisor


An Estonian company can give you easy, simple and a transparent way to develop your international business.


Whatever question you have - there is always human response from qualified expert.

We do mot practice self service when human responce is needed.


Our team has been providing company formation services since 1991. We have created ca 5000 companies and made over 30'000 filings in the Commercial register. 

Ernst & Young Eesti AS (1993), LHV Bank (1999), Viking Line Eesti OÜ (2000), Skype Technologies OÜ (2004) and Swissotel Estonia OÜ (2005) are just some of them. 


Basic facts about an Estonian company

  1. 100% foreign ownership and directorship allowed
  2. Minimum share capital of 2500 EUR (no obligation to deposit it)
  3. Company transfer in 1 day (ready-made company)
  4. Min. of 1 shareholder and 1 director (must be at least 18 years old)
  5. 0% corporate income tax on undistributed profit
  6. 20% corporate income tax upon profit distribution
  7. No withholding tax on profit distribution

Why to start

  • 100% Europe - 0% income tax
  • Excellent framework for business in the EU
  • Advanced digital public services
  • Low bureaucracy and clear rules
  • Low startup and maintenance costs
  • No withholding tax if dividends are paid