How to start an Estonian company

easy and simple - have a company in a day

incl. active bank account, payment card and virtual office 

Step 1

Choose between 2 options

Buy a ready-made company (list)
choose from the list of ready-made companies and start immediately

Order a tailor made company
in 1-2 days we create a company with the name you want

Costs (€)
(if one private person shareholder and one management board member)

Ready made or tailor made company

Assistance with opening the bank account

virtual office 1 year






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By visiting Estonia it takes just few hours (less than a day) to transfer the company ownership,
board membership and access to bank account to you.

Step 2

Send us required data and documents

  1. Company name (your own proposal or from our list)

  2. Company e-mail address (can be your personal)

  3. Company activity (just one is required)

  4. Your passport copy

  5. Your home address

  6. Your mail address and mobile phone#

  7. Info about additional services you need


When we have this information we can prepare everything so that you can take over the company and bank account smoothly in few hours when we meet in Tallinn.

You can send these data by ordinary e-mail or fill in and submit following ordering form:


Step 3

Decide about the payment

  • Wire transfer against invoice

  • Paypal or card payment

  • Cash payment before transaction


Please note that before the company and bank account transfer to you our fee must be fully paid (received by us).


Step 4

Decide about the date you will visit Estonia


To make sure everything rolls smoothly we need to fix appointments with notary office and bank. It is important for us to know at least 1 - 2 days in advance when you come.

In case you can not visit Estonia we can do everything remotely.

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Step 5

Transfer of the company

  1. We meet in our office to clarify all remaining details
  2. By the notary office (located in the same building with us) we sign the company share transfer agreement and petition to change board members of the company. Takes usually less than 30 minutes
  3. In case you are planning at least someb usiness operations in Estonia then we can open account in Swedbank in Estonia. Otherwise we prepare documents to some other bank outside Estonia. 



Step 6

Filing changes in commercial register.


New shareholder and board member's names appear on company registry card in 1 - 7 days.

See samples of Estonian company registry documents


Possible later monthly and annual costs


Yearly costs:

  • Virtual office services 250 EUR/year
  • Annual report often 350 - 800 EUR/year

Monthly costs

  • in case your company needs monthly tax returns it is usually 100 - 200 EUR/month
  • Otherwise no monthly costs

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